Novel OLED Materials Development


Organic LED (OLED) displays represent the most promising new display technology to have emerged in the past 20 years; more efficient, powerful and cleaner than the prevailing LED, LCD and Plasma standards.

OLEDs offer enhanced performance in terms of response time, viewing angle, contrast ratio and flexibility, and environmental advantages, with low power consumption, fewer materials, longer lifetime and no requirement for a backlight to drive them.

Power OLEDs is at the forefront of developing world-class high performance materials for major device manufacturers.


Power OLEDs is a venture backed technology company, developing high performance hole transporters, electron transporters, electron injectors, host and emitters for selected global manufacturers.

Led by a strong team with over 60 years combined experience in the OLED space, the company holds a wide IP estate and a strong pipeline of new materials.

Hole Transporters

Improved mobility, high Tg, enhanced operating voltage and longer lifetime.

Electron Transporters

Low voltage, premium efficiency, high mobility, improved drift.

Electron Injectors

Low evaporation temperature; low voltage drift.

Emitter Materials

Phosphorescent R, phosphorescent G & fluorescent blue at excellent efficiency.


We welcome partnership, collaboration or business development discussions and are keen to jointly apply our expertise in inventing and commercialising novel technologies within unexploited areas.

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Power OLEDs management is based at the Core Technology Facility in the University of Manchester and also operates out of state of the art laboratories in London.
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